about collections


Collection of canvases inspired by industrial movement and machinery. Unlike many artists Darko creates industryArt while factory is still active and up and running. He is using canvas to wipe out machinery in a factory and with different movements creates shapes and stories. He is experimenting how is art reacting in live and active industrial environment. 


stamped faces

Collection of "drawings"  - by using Vintage medical stamps from Belgrade flea market as his “drawing” tool, Darko makes us think about stamps and labels we put on people based on their profession, race, religion, gender.



Recycling, reshaping, rethinking, inspiring, criticising, awakening are just some of the themes interwoven in this first brake trough collection that is setting tone for all Darko's future work. Once only polluting garbage on the streets of his hometown, plastic bags and cardboards are reused and are now a visual reminder on some of the big challenges that are shaping modern society. Also, can plastic be artistic?  

cartON collage

Collection that most directly communicates with the observer, it invites us to look at them, analyse them, read the hidden messages and interpret them in our own way. The essence you see in them will tell as much about you as about artist’s imagination. Keep your eyes opened.